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Bressanone – the ancient episcopal city

Bressanone – the ancient episcopal cityBressanone for many centuries was an episcopal city and charms visitors with an enchanting medieval town centre. Narrow, winding streets, medieval arcades and the remains of the ancient city wall give the city a unique charisma.

During your holiday in Bressanone, you may visit the Episcopal Palace with the “Domschatz” (cathedral treasure) and the imposing cathedral with its precious frescoes and the cloister. The White Tower and the parish church of Bressanone are worth a visit, just like Stufles, the oldest city district. During the weeks before Christmas a romantic atmosphere invades the city when the Christmas Market in front of the cathedral opens its gates.

Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol

Bolzano, the capital of South TyrolBolzano, the city of thousands of faces and thousands of cultures, capital of a small, yet big region. Innovative, yet traditional, modern, yet industrialised, but always with respect for ancient customs and traditions. Bolzano is located in a valley basin where the Isarco Valley, the Sarentino Valley and the Adige Valley meet. This area has always been regarded as a border between Italy and the German countries. It is not for no reason that Bolzano is also called the “Door to the Dolomites. Varied landscapes, which are all present in a small city with only 120,000 inhabitants.

Walter Square, Erbe Square, Vittoria Square, Laugengasse Lane, the Franciscan Church, the Dome Maria Assunta, all types of art, and the Talfer meadows, which are so big that it seems they want to enter the old town, are ideal for cooling down and offer quietness for all those who want to enjoy a nice walk at weekends or after work.

Bolzano welcomes tourists from all over the world with hospitality. The various ethnic groups, the various languages, and the different religions describe one of the most successful melting pots in Italy.

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