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Castle Rodenegg

Castle Rodenegg

The moving history of an unconquerable fortress on the rock cliffs above the Rienz canyon, make a visit to Castle Rodenegg an unforgettable adventure for all the family. During the first half of the 12th Century, it was built as a fortress, while 4 centuries later the family of Count von Wolkenstein gave the castle its current expression. Stories about knights, as well as the atmosphere of these old walls encourage little adventurers to take a trip into the land of fantasy. The stories told about the exemplary proceedings against the notorious witch master Mathias Perger, also called ‘Lauterfresser‘, who was executed at the castle in 1645, leave many visitors with goose-bumps. The special feature of the fresco cycle in the dining hall will leave a lasting impression: its colours are very intense and expressive and bring the 12 adventures of the Ywein epos of Hartmann von Aue back to life.

Ywein frescoes

The castle Rodenegg is open from 1st May to 1st November, every day except saturday.
Visits are possible only on a guided tour !

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